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Development of science and research strategies in Republic of Srpska

ST – “Maxi‐Mini” Strategy
Strategies that use strengths to minimize threats
1. Include scientific stakeholders in the regional and national decision making processes.
WO ‐ “Mini‐Maxi” Strategy
Strategies that minimize weaknesses by taking advantage of opportunities.
1. Dissemination of available EU programs
2. Support and networking for institutions engaged in science
The innovation and development sector in Republic of Srpska; research‐development components in
companies, educational institutions, governmental institutions which are creating innovative policies.
3. Providing scholarships and education abroad and study visits to young and talented
4. Enhancing and strengthening joint actions of key stakeholders
This could be done by the responsible ministries, chambers of commerce, development agencies,
interest associations, universities and other.
5. Improved networking
Create environment and conditions for better networking of local SMEs with regional and European
partners in order to support their active participation in the EU programs for SMEs (FP7, EUREKA).
6. Improved support for SMEs
It is necessary to initiate setting up of system and long term solutions for securing continuous local
incentives for SMEs research and innovation activities in area of MI, which has never been the case
so far.
WT‐ “Mini‐Mini” Strategy
Strategies that minimize weakness and avoid threats
1. Getting some new advantages through the transformation of the sector
2. Dissemination of the importance of MI for the ageing population
3. Building of databases to get more information