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The Vision of AMI Cluster in Republic of Srpska is to be a leading medical RTD cluster in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Western Balkan for Advanced Medical Imaging and related medical and healthcare research activities, with the ultimate goal to increase the general level of knowledge for provision of quality and modern healthcare services to citizens, respecting ethical and moral issues.

First cluster organization which is going to be devoted to strengthening of the research and technological development in medicine and health sciences has been established in Republic of Srpska under the name of “HEALTH RTD CLUSTER”.

  • Strengthening of the research and development capacities in the medicine and healthcare sector, support to innovations and technological improvement of the regional economy and raising competitiveness of products and services on the local and foreign markets,
  • Establishing of international cooperation for more efficient integration in global science, economical, social and cultural exchange and involvement in the European research sector,
  • Education and exchange of information between the cluster members,
  • Establishing of links between the economy and science in the medicine, healthcare and similar sectors,
  • Improvement of the general conditions for the research and technological development in the medicine and health sciences, and monitoring of the technical and technological accomplishments in targeted sectors, with special priorities given to medical imaging, bio technologies, nano medicine and ICT for health.