• Strengthening of the research and development capacities

    in the medicine and healthcare sector support to innovations and technological improvement of the regional economy and raising competitiveness of products and services on the local and foreign markets.

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  • Establishing of international cooperation

    for more efficient integration in global science, economical, social and cultural exchange and involvement in the European research sector .The primary objectives of the Cluster are related to the development of medical imaging, biotechnologies, nanomedicine and usage of ICT in healthcare and pharmacology. Education and exchange of information between the cluster member.

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  • Establishing of links between the economy and science

    in the medicine, healthcare and similar sectors, Improvement of the general conditions for the research and technological development and monitoring of the technical and technological accomplishments in targeted sectors.

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Support innovations

Support Research

Medical imaging


Nano medicine

ICT for health

Activ aging

Early diagnosis

Demographic Change


Health sector in Republic of Srpska

It covers 49% of the country’s territory of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Estimated number of citizens in Republika Srpska in 2011 was 1,429,668. Learn More

Doctors of medicine in health institutions 2,471

In the public health sector of Republika Srpska in 2011 there were 13,108 employed.

medical staff and associates, out of which almost 41% were employed at health care centres 

Public health sector of Republika Srpska

Out of the total number of employed persons, slightly over 17% were doctors of medicine. /

In the same period, private health care institutions employed 1,558 persons, out of which almost 12% were doctors of medicine